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Thinking about professional catering services does not lead people to think of fads. Food is food, a concrete realization, right? Be that as it may, food does not need to be boring and very well is subject to undergoing redesign from time to time. Catering services must adapt to these movements often in order to secure bookings, payment, and a retention of customers. So, what mouthwatering trends are being seen this current year and how long should they be expected to matter?

Warm Desserts

Ice cream is popular, but it is boring and overdone in the industry. In decades past, every possible ingredient was transformed into the frozen treat, but recent years are taking a more warming approach to dessert. Hot sweets are in, including fried bites of cookie dough, fruit, and ethnic flavors. Italian doughnuts or zeppoles have been making their way to events across the globe and they are simple to make. Fried dough bites receive a coating of honey and powdered sugar, or chocolate, ricotta cheese, and cinnamon. Dessert is a course that is always changing, so it is difficult to determine how long this fad will be relevant before the professionals are on to the next big thing.

Scaling Down

Though it seems fairly counterintuitive to scale food down during special events, it is the best bet of the host to save money, expand the menu without becoming redundant, and to add modern flair to the occasion. Mini milkshakes, pies, and cheeseburger sliders are all being noted in the industry. Small deli sandwiches are always enjoyed, specifically when a local delicatessen is utilized. The mini fascination began roughly in the past five years and is expected to continue through the current year and well into 2017.

Interactive Presentations

Catering services usually make all of the food and then transport it to the event, but recent times have revealed the acclaim of in person preparation. Pasta dishes made in fresh wheels of cheese, warm skillets delicately preparing paella, and sandwiches freshly crafted to the needs of the person are only a few examples of this fad. This action is just becoming notable and is expected to remain famed into the 2017 year.

Mocktails and Drink Pairings

Services that are allowed to serve alcohol take full advantage of that right by crafting cocktails that enhance the flavors of each course. For example, an Italian meal would be served with an Italian alcohol such as Disaronno amaretto while Irish fare will excel when paired with Jameson whiskey. For kid-friendly affairs, these services craft mocktails that add excitement to the menu without any added alcohol. This is a seemingly timeless act, so it is expected to thrive for years to come. For more information, visit Greensville Gourmet and learn more from the available resources.